Someone Stop Me.....

Really, I mean it. I need to stop ordering invitation samples.

I'm not sure what's worse: the fact that this picture does not show all of them in my possession or that the one that I *think* we have chosen is not shown (since we haven't ordered or sent them out yet... pics of the final product will have to wait :) ). The problem I struggle with is that every time I think I find *the* invitation that will be ours, I find something I like a little more. Such is the problem with buying invitations online... too many sellers, too many options!

I think I decided to buy our invitations online shortly after I realized that making them all by hand would be a feat far out of my league. However, even though they will not be completely DIYed, I plan on personalizing them some after we order them and before they get mailed.

What's the plan for your invites? Are you taking advantage of all the options the web has to offer?

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