In the Favor of Your Presence...

This post concerns wedding favors (obviously...). Many people, including myself, seem to think that favors are a waste of money. I didn't want to invest in a gift for my guests that would be forgotten or thrown away soon after our reception ended. For this reason, as cheesy as it may sound, I wanted our favors to mean something. Initially, I considered donating to a charitable organization, a la Mrs. Lovebug, in lieu of favors. I wanted to make donations to cancer societies, namely these two (leukemia and breast cancer ), as they have personally affected our mothers. However, I wasn't sure how our moms would feel about this... I mean I'm sure they would be honored, but I'm not sure they would want that sort of attention drawn to them. So... I continued to brainstorm ideas for meaningful favors. And then, it came to me: Mexican Wedding Cookies. For those of you not familiar with these, they are shortbread-like cookies popular in the Hispanic culture that are made with nuts and covered in powdered sugar. (They are also apparently very similar to cakes/cookies familiar to other cultures).


They make appearances during holidays, for birthdays, and, you guessed it, at weddings. When I discussed this idea with my FMIL, she loved it and said this was exactly what she had thought of doing for our wedding :) Instead of baking the cookies, we are going to cheat and order some from a local Mexican bakery (because FMIL heard that they are just not as good if they are baked and then frozen, which is the most logical approach if we were to DIY them). I am very excited that we will be incorporating this very delicious aspect of X's culture into our wedding. Now I just need to come up with a creative way of presenting them and I can cross this item off my to-do list!
What are you providing as favors for your guests?

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