DIY Tutorial-Revamped Candles

Once we found our venue, I knew right away that I wanted to decorate the outside walkway to invite people to take a break from the inside party to mingle outside.

I decided it would look lovely to either place candles along the walkway railing or use them to decorate the cocktail tables we are going to place outside. I wanted to do something that was simple and not time consuming.
Enter exhibit 'A':

This project is fairly inexpensive and.... its easy and takes only a few minutes!
Religious Candles: large and small sizes, preferably white (hmm... they look kind of nice in plain white also):

I found these at my local grocery store....they are approx. $1.50 each(if you shop at HEB, they have a coupon for buy 4 get 1 free- I think this coupon might run through Lent). I tried to find an online source for them also, but I wasn't very successful. I only found them at K-Mart online (they are 1.50, but are only worth it if you can get free shipping).

81/2" X 11" paper, ribbon, fabric, or anything else you think of to brighten up the candles :)

I tried to look for paper that was either clear vellum with a design or a light shade with a texture.
Make sure you remove all price stickers before you get started :).
Lay the candle lengthwise on the paper. Mark the paper so that you can trim it to fit the candle.

After you have trimmed the paper, apply adhesive on the length of the paper. I used adhesive tape.

Place the candle on the paper and press down. Slowly roll the candle forward while continuing to hold the paper against candle.

Apply adhesive to both the widths and opposite length of the paper while continuing to hold the paper against candle. Roll the candle forward until you have reached the end of the paper.

Turn the candle right-side up and press the paper onto candle until it sticks (about a minute).

Decorate the candle as best suits you.

The finished product*:

(*I will post a seperate tutorial on ribbon flowers)
How many DIY projects are you planning on doing for your wedding?


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  2. These candles are great! I want to run out and buy the supplies right now.
    Can't wait to see the ribbon flower tutorial.