I DO Love a Good Deal

Especially if it's concerning the wedding. About a month ago, I was visiting my local Hobby Lobby when I stumbled upon these:

Of course, I took them home with me. Why? Did I have a purpose for them at the time? Well, no, but it was an offer I couldn't refuse. At ~$3 each, these were a steal, and I know I will use them after the wedding. I bought the remainder of the store's supply which was 5 each of the small and medium and 3 of the large.

Now that they are living with me, I have been thinking about what will become of them. I finally decided to either use them on some of the outside cocktail tables or I will use them to spruce up the buffet line tables. And of course after the wedding, they will look fabulous in our home!

What great deals have you come across while preparing for your wedding?

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