Engaging Locations

X and I are will be taking our E-pics in two weeks and we have yet to 1) decide what we are going to dress up in and 2) where we will take them. I know our lovely photographer will produce a great end result, but we would like to take our photos at places that are memorable to us. A few places that I have come up with are:

Our Alma maters (important to who we are now, we spent a lot of time and money at these schools):
St. Edwards

Spider House Cafe (I practically lived here during college studying, plus its very eclectic and would make for some interesting pictures... and it involves coffee, we love coffee):

Opal Divines- We would call this "our" restaurant.. we love their food and they have a fabulous beer selection (see all those beers on tap in the background):

Zilker Park- an ode to the green spaces in Austin, this would be great for some outdoor pics.. specifically on this bridge (I love this bridge, not sure why):

And also, I would like to get some pictures in with this guy, our basset hound Kingsley:
photo by me

Are you taking engagement photos? Where are you taking them?

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