A Wedding Wreath

Remember this post on inspiration? Well, now I'm going to tell you what became of it. :)
I really wanted to display our initials (either first or last or both) somewhere in our reception venue. I love the look of moss covered initials:

However, after my lust subsided, I decided I wanted something a little different. Then I came across this:


And an idea popped into my head! :)
The first part of this project was relatively easy and was directly inspired by the above picture:

I bought a straw wreath from Hobby Lobby and a spool of yarn from Joann's- of course they were both on sale. (I was not able to find a foam wreath that was large enough otherwise I probably would have used that.) After some trial and error, I decided to keep the plastic wrap on the straw wreath so that bits of straw would not peek out from under the yarn. Then, after I wound my yarn into a ball (it's just easier to work with that way), I wrapped the wreath in yarn. My method of wrapping consisted of 1) making sure the yarn wasn't wrapped too tight, but at the same time wasn't loose enough to where it was falling off & 2) wrapping the yarn so that it overlapped (if it isn't overlapped you can see the inconsistencies of the wreath).

Part 2 of this project was a little more involved. It began with the search for an initial. I looked at wood initials, but they were too big and they didn't seem to mesh with my vision. I then considered cutting an initial out of a block of foam and covering it with something (moss?). However, I thought it might look too crowded in the finished project. Then my search for metal letters began. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to find something small enough, but finally, Etsy came to my rescue again! I came across Kristine Mays' shop and I knew I had found what I was looking for.

(I should note that I didn't purchase the "Love" letters, but aren't they cute?)
When my Etsy purchase finally arrived (Thank you, Kristine!) I continued working on the wreath. I used some extra fabric that I had left over from this project to embellish and I used clear thread to attach the initial.
The finished product:

The details:

The total cost was around $25 ($15 for the letter & $10 for the remaining supplies). The best part is that we can display it in our home after the wedding! Are you incorporating your initials into your decor?

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