Flowers 'Round My Neck

I looooove Etsy. The best part about this fabulous online market is that there are so many options! Of course that's also the worse part about it becase with so many talented sellers, there's just too many goodies to choose from- I want them all!. Lately I've been obsessing over these to neckaces to adorn my neck for our wedding:

luxedeluxe, "Flora Bella"

PenelliBelle, "The Frosted Rose"

Damselle: Melanie Crow

AmberSky, "Maddison"

Femme Petal: erinkeys, "Bloom"

I think I'm leaning to #1 (I love luxedeluxe and am the proud owner of one of her other jewelry pieces) or #5. What do you think? Which do you like best and is your bridal jewelry a tad bit unconventional?

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