E-pics: Part II

After we finished up pictures at Zilker Park, we headed to the next location. I originally wanted to take pictures at Spider House, but I thought that it would be extremely crowded on a Sunday evening (with students cramming/studying for the next week). So instead, we went to another cafe: Mozart's. Mozart's is located on the lake, which made for some good pictures.

Even though Mr. Beagle would probably not admit it, he was really nervous about all the picture taking. I think the only reason why I was not as nervous, was that all the e-pics I had drooled over online prior to taking our pictures somehow prepared me for what I should expect. :) We were lucky enought to take our pictures on a pleasant, sunny afternoon; however, this also meant that everyone in Austin decided to take advantage of the nice weather. So there were a ton of people everywhere... needless to say, it made Mr. Beagle's nerves worse. I'm hoping that on our wedding day, being surrounded by our loved ones will not produce the same effect.

Did taking pictures make you nervous?

** all photos made possible by Ashley Smith :)

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