E-pics: Part I

Before I jump into showing pictures, I wanted to talk about how I chose our photographer. Ashley and I were in the same Girl Scout troop for almost 10 years. Yes, we struggled through getting our Silver & Gold Awards and through middle school and high school. After high school, we both went off to college, and about a year ago, I discovered that she had become a very talented wedding photographer (you can visit some more of her great pictures here). As soon as I discovered this, I knew I wanted to hire her for our wedding if she was available, which she was! I am so happy to be working with someone who I feel very comfortable around and who is so good at what she does. So now, without further ado:

The first two pictures were taken at the dog park in our neighborhood (unfortunately we only got two or three good shots with Kingsley- he was super excited our little adventure and got a little distracted by all the activity going on). The remaining pictures are from various spots at Zilker Park. Our original plan was to sneak into to Zilker Gardens, where we got engaged (ssshhh don't tell anyone, they charge a fee for professional photos), but there was a garden festival being held there the weekend we took our pictures and it was ridiculously crowded. Stay tuned for part II!
What made you choose your photographer?

**all pictures courtesy of our lovely photographer, Ashley Smith

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