I've Got Mail

A few days ago, I got this in the mail:

Isn't it cute? My wonderful FMIL, who also made the invite, is throwing a tea party themed shower for me this weekend. She has invited several of Mr. Beagle's relatives and a few of her friends. This is my first "wedding event" and although I'm really excited, I'm a little nervous too. I'm not one to like being the center of attention (in fact, I think I avoid it at all costs), so I'm not really sure how I will feel being the guest of honor at this event. Since Mr. Beagle and I have been dating for quite a while, I have met most of extended family several times. I am also lucky that I am getting wonderful in-laws that get along great with my parents (my mom and FMIL Beagle are becoming good friends). I am hoping that this accompanied by the fact that Mama and sister Beagle will also be attending will ease my nerves before the big day. (I guess this is good practice for our wedding...) Were your wedding events the first time you met your FI's family? Has your wedding brought your families together?

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