When it comes to music, I'm lost...

I think my biggest fear about our wedding, is that no one will dance at the reception.  That it will be boring.  That our guests won't have fun.  That our families and friends won't mix and mingle.  I think it all boils down to our playlist, which we have yet to get started on because, really, we don't know where to start!

I've got the dinner music down and, though I haven't blogged about it yet, our cocktail hour is covered.  The only thing left is the "dance" music. Here's the problem:  My family listens to primarily to country/western.  His family listens to Tejano & Oldies.  We listen to NPR (and KUT, if you're in Austin... but for the most part thy play mellow music) :).  We don't go dancing, we're not taking lessons, more than likely our first dance (which is still undecided) will consist of the 6th grade sway a la the Candy Corns (although I doubt we will pull be able to pull off their awesomeness). 

So what do we play?  I would love to incorporate a good mix of country, oldies, tejano, '80s, and modern music.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated- we need your help!!!!  What are/were must plays on your playlist?  What music/songs brought the most people onto the dance floor?  (Thanks in advance :) )

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