Mascara Alternative: Dyed Lashes

Yay, I'm Married! (Okay, now that I've got that out of my system.... :) )

On Saturday, after my hair was set and my make-up was being prepped, I voiced my concern about mascara to my stylist. The problem is that I already have long, thick lashes and, therefor, I don't wear mascara often. Because of this, It feels weird when I have it on and I think it makes my eyes look odd. That's when my stylist told me she should have suggested making an appointment to have my lashes dyed. Although it wouldn't make them longer or thicker, she said it would make them darker.

I, being naive about make-up and most beauty products in general, had never heard of this and now I am intrigued. I did some brief research on the topic via a google search and found out you can also buy dye if you want to do it at home. I am not that brave and would definitely have someone do it for me at least the first time. The only problem I see with this is that it's dye, which means I can't just take it off (like I can with mascara) if I don't like it. Also, I am a little concerned about having chemicals that close to my eyeballs.

Since Mr. Beagle and I are planning to do another photo shoot in our nice clothes.... or at least with me in my dress, I think it's the perfect excuse to do a little lash experimentation. So my question is: Have you ever dyed your lashes or brows? What was your experience with it? Would you recommend it? Did you have any bad side effects? Do you have any other mascara alternatives?

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