One Last Post

...until I'm a Mrs.!
To Mr. Beagle, tomorrow I will be marrying my best friend. Through all are ups and downs I know now, more than ever, that this is the best choice for me and I can't hardly wait. I had a wonderful time with you at our rehearsal tonight, but I know that the real deal will be even better. Thanks for putting up with all my faults and supporting me through thick and then. You have made me a better person and, to put it simply, I love you.
To my mom, I know how much you wanted to be there with me tomorrow, and I am so, so, so sorry that it just is not physically possible. Just know that you will be with me in my heart and in my thoughts. So much of who I am is because of you and I hope that you knew that before you said goodbye. I will miss you more tomorrow than I have these long months, but I know you'll be watching for above and I'll feel your presence.
This journey with Weddingbee has been one of the best ever. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity and I hope that it has been as good for all of you as it has for me. I am excited to get back as a Mrs. with yet more DIY and, of course, some great recaps! You are a truly wonderful community, made up of a great group of friends, and for that I thank you.

Miss Beagle

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