A Cake Stand

This is one item I thought I didn't need. That was before wedding planning. After we picked out our cake, the baker offered to rent us a cake stand similar to this:

The catch? It was going to cost us $45 (for something I can't keep?!? uh, no thanks). At first I was going to forgo one all together, but then I kept seeing pictures like this:

all courtesy of Martha

Thus, my search for a cake stand began. I wasn't necessarily looking for a tall cake stand, just something to set the cake on so that the whole ensemble would look a little more formal. After about a month of casually browsing, I found this baby at TJ Maxx:

At only $12, I fell in love with it instantly and snatched it up before it could escape.

Unfortunately, after I contacted my baker to verify that our cake would indeed fit on the stand, I found out it would not. :( The good news is that I decided to keep the cake stand anyways because I loved it so much, but the bad news is that my search was not over.

Then, one day while I was running my weekly errands at Hobby Lobby, I found this:

Yes, it is a mirror. It was on sale and it is now our "cake stand (or platter if you will)". I'm happy that we'll be able to reuse it in our home after the wedding and it was only $20! Of course it will need some dusting....

I think it will go really well with our cake design that we have chosen (sorry, you'll have to wait until after the wedding to find out what it is :) ). Overall, I am really pleased with our finds and I'm excited to put them to use after it's all said and done!

Are you having a cake stand?

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