Theft at a Wedding


This past weekend, my FILs attended a wedding at a hotel here in Austin. They had a wonderful time, but we were appalled, as were they, when they proceeded to retell us the story of the card box.
Apparently the card basket was located outside of the reception area, in the foyer. There was a security guard on duty and the couple had also hired a wedding coordinator. At some point during the reception (they think it was during the cake cutting) the ENTIRE card box and all it's contents was stolen. After realizing this had happened, guests immediately started calling retailers from which they had purchased gift cards, but unfortunately, the thief(ves) beat them to the punch. By the time the calls were placed, the retail stores had already been visited by the thieves and the gift cards were depleted.
On a happier note (if possible..), they believe it may have been hotel staff (although it hasn't been confirmed) that performed the theft, not any guests.
Now I've heard of people taking items from weddings like the bathroom basket, the centerpieces, an extra piece of cake.... but the couple's gifts? It's not only heartbreaking for the newlyweds to deal with that, but also the guests who brought them the gifts. It really makes you think twice about hiring people who are going to be around you and your loved ones at such an important event in your lives.
Although I feel like our vendors and invitees are beyond trustworthy, we are now thinking of moving our gift table into the reception area after it is opened/ during the dinner to prevent any "disappearances". I don't think our venue is as threatened by unwanted visitors compared to a hotel where people are coming and going, but I guess you can never be to sure.

Are you doing anything to protect your valuables on your important day?

**On a side note, I find it funny that there will be two loss prevention managers at our wedding (attending as guests) and one former loss prevention employee (Mr. Beagle!!), so I don't think we will have a problem ;)... although, at the wedding my in-laws attended, their were several lawyers at the reception, one of whom was the bride :O

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