Wedding Lasso, Arras, Biblio

In lieu of a unity candle, Mr. Beagle and I have decided to incorporate an aspect of his culture into our ceremony.  In Hispanic culture, there are three traditions during the ceremony that represent the couple's new unity. 

The Lasso:

It is essentially a large rosary, usually beaded or made of satin, with two loops so that it can be placed around the bride and groom.  The lasso forms the shape of a figure eight/ infinity which represents the couple's unity.  It is placed on the bride and groom after they say their vows and is taken off just before the end of the ceremony.  A prayer and/or reading usually accompanies the lasso portion of the ceremony.

The Arras:

These are thirteen coins, which are often gold or silver plated, that are presented to the bride by the groom.  Traditionally, they represent a dowery which symbolizes the groom's commitment and promise to care for the bride; her acceptance represents a promise to take care of the groom.  The number 13 represents Jesus and his twelve apostles.  Each coin is also said to represent on of the following: Love, Trust, Commitment, Respect, Joy, Happiness, Harmony, Wisdom, Wholeness, Nurturing, Caring, Cooperation and Peace.  They are usually placed in some sort of container. (The top left coin shows the design on the top of each coin, which is varied through different cultures).


(Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Hydrangea also posted about the Arras ceremony and Mrs. Joey posted about a similar tradition:  the Arrhae).

The Biblio:

A bible is sometimes presented to the bride and groom, which becomes their family bible.  It symbolizes that their union is also with God and his love is their foundation. 

Each item is usually presented by a Padrino or Madrina (Godfather or Godmother).  These are people who have played an important role in either the bride's or groom's life.  They provide support to the couple throughout their marriage.

Because this tradition is honoring Mr. Beagle's culture, we have decided to select Padrinos/Madrinas from his side of the family.  Originally we thought we would select people from both of our families, but I felt that, although my family members would be honored, his family would appreciate the role more because it is an important aspect of their culture.  We are borrowing the lasso and arras from Mr. Beagle's parents and the Madrina who will be presenting our biblio is gifting it to us (I'm actually a little excited about receiving a bible that will be our family's!).  I am going to try to find a container for the arras that we can later use in our home (and might even double as a ring holder).  I've been looking for an excuse to get one of these....

What traditions are you incorporating into your ceremony?  If you are using one of the above, what readings or prayers did you use?

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