And Then There Were Three

Or I guess it would be four if you count my other ring.

About a month or so ago, Mr. Beagle and I finally completed our shopping for wedding rings. His requests were simple: inexpensive, no diamonds. We browsed through some jewelry stores, but the white gold rings were more than he wanted to spend and the tungsten/titanium rings seemed overpriced. After I saw Miss Lab's post on online ring shopping, I decided to peek around on Amazon to see what I could find. Finally after an hour of searching I placed an order for a titanium ring. A few days later, Mr. Beagle's (<$100) wedding ring arrived in the mail. :)

Unfortunately for Mr. Beagle, shopping for my wedding ring was a little more involved. I wanted a white gold ring to match with my engagenment ring.  I was really unsure about what other requirements I was looking for in a ring.  After many trips to jewelry stores, we finally ended up at the same store where we bought my engagement ring.  An hour later, we left with my ring and by the time we got in the car to drive home, I was pleading with Mr. Beagle to let me wear it.  Alas, he said no. :)

And now for some pictures:

Will your rings match?

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