Cabo, here we come (in 8 weeks :))!

Mr. Beagle's parents (my future in-laws!!!!) have graciously gifted us use of their timeshare.  After the mister and I browsed through a few different locations, we decided on the timeshare in Cabo.  Mr. Beagle expressed interest in going somewhere outside the U.S. and somewhere with beaches, so this seemed to fit the bill.  Although I have been yearning to visit New England, or somewere with mountains, or the entire state of Washington, I'm compromising on this one.  And actually, Mr. Beagle's excitement that has spawned from choosing a local is quite infectious.  I'm sitting here with a big fat grin on my face just thinking about it.  :)

Some other reasons that contributed to our decision are these: I know that after the next two months of rigorous planning/creating/DIYing/organizing/last minute projects we will need a week where we can do absolutely nothing.  With our funds depleated from this big party we're throwing, we also needed a place that was economical.  As much as we would love to vacay in Europe (or New England, mountain-land, or Washington), I would feel really guilty and upset if we didn't have the energy to sightsee and thuroughly explore.  For some reason, I don't feel like we will need to do this in Cabo.  I think the scenery along with a white sandy beach at our feet will keep us occupied enough during our honeymoon.  We'll save that adventurous vacation for another time*.

What factors are you using to decide on a honeymoon?  Are you taking your dream vacation?

*and thanks for all your suggestions, I definitely look forward to visiting more than one of these in the near future.

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