The Party After the Party

With time flying by, we are rushing to get all the details for our wedding day lined up and in order. At this point, we are still trying to figure out what we want to do after the reception. We will be making our grand exit around 10:30, so it won't be too late. At this point, we have no set plans for a day-after brunch and we won't be leaving for our honeymoon until the following week. Taking all this in to consideration, I'm wondering how tired we are going to be, and whether we want to hang out with each other or enjoy the company of our friends and family from out of town. Then if we do plan a little "after party", where do we have it?
Mr. Beagle and I are pretty laid back, so I think we can pretty much agree that the downtown scene is out, but I wouldn't mind have a little gathering at our home or the neighborhood bar. A casual, relaxed atmosphere seems fitting.
Then, today, I read this exerpt from A Practical Wedding, about the pros of having a morning wedding:

"Afterwards. The strange thing is that when people voice concern about morning weddings, they normally ask you, "Well, what did you do afterwards?" Here is the scoop. Afterwards is *the best part.* We drove away from our venue, waving like crazy, at 2:45 pm. You know what we did? We went back to the hotel room we'd splurged on. We lounged around. We talked about the wedding. We giggled. We looked at our wedding rings. We blissed out. We went shopping at a used bookstore and bought books for our honeymoon flight. We went out to a really nice dinner, and I wore my wedding hair flower. We drank mojitos. We went to sleep. We woke up not-hung over. The after-the-wedding is the best part of getting married in the morning. Think about it this way: you're marrying your partner because you like spending time with them. Morning weddings give you lots of time to hang out together, married, on your wedding day. And then you wake up sober and happy. What could feel better than that?"

Although we won't be having a morning wedding, I'm torn between continuing the festivities with our loved ones and spending time with my husband :) on our wedding day, the day that only comes once.  Hmph. 

Are you having an "after party" or are you leaving the party to hang out with your new Hubby/ Wife?  Newly weds, what did you do and do you regret it?

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