Old & Borrowed

This past weekend, I traveled to Fredericksburg with my father and sister to visit my Opa and Oma (German for grandfather and grandmother).  Although the main purpose of the visit was to celebrate Opa's birthday, I secretly had other intentions.

Before my mom passed away, we had talked about what kind of jewelry I would wear with my dress.  We talked about me wearing the same jewelry she wore on her wedding day.  One of the items she wore was a bracelet, which she borrowed from her FMIL, the Oma I visited this weekend.  So, as we sat outside Sunday afternoon, I asked Oma if she still had the bracelet that my mom wore a little over thirty-two years ago.  She did and she was happy to let me borrow it for the wedding.  She told me it was originally her mother's bracelet, but she wasn't sure how her mother came into posession of it.  She even had the original box it came in.  I love the picture that was shown on the inside of the box top:

The bracelet is gold and even though it is a little scratched, I like that it shows it's age:

The second piece of jewelry my mom wore was a locket that belonged to my other Oma, my mom's mom.  My mom inherited it when her mom passed away.  Unfortunately, I never asked my Oma or my mom the origins of this necklace, so I'm not sure who gave it to Oma or why she received it.  It has her initials engraved on the top:


My mother and I share a middle name, which was also my Oma's first name. I think I might put a picture of both of them in this locket to keep them close to my heart.

I feel so lucky to be able to wear two items that are meaningful pieces to both sides of my family.  And now they are even more sentimental to me because my mom wore them first:

Are you wearing any heirloom items on your wedding day?  If not, what other meaningful items will you be carrying with you?

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