I Must Be Crazy....

...because I found something else to DIY.

Our ceremony will take place in the church I grew up in. They just recently built a new addition to house the sanctuary and I have had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to use for decor.
I wish I had pictures, but I don't. So you're just going to have to picture this in your head: the sanctuary is very open, with stained concrete floors, modern light fixtures, and a high vaulted ceiling. The aisle is very short and leads up to the alter, above which hangs a giant wooden cross .
I wanted simple, minimal decor ideas for the aisle pews. Something along the lines of this:

And then, Miss D'orsay posted these:

Aren't they perfect? So... I decided to DIY some pomanders for our church pews (thanks D'orsay!!!). I used the same tutorial as Miss D'orsay. However, instead of using tissue paper, I used ivory tulle (not bridal tulle... just plain, ivory, matte, tulle- the cheap stuff).

When I bought the styrofoam, I accidentally bought 6" spheres instead of 5" (it makes a difference in terms of how much fabric you need). I haven't made any 5" pomanders yet, so the instructions I'm giving are for a 6" foam sphere.

6-7 yards of cheap tulle (this runs about $1.50/yard... and you know I bought mine on sale :))
1 white 6" styrofoam sphere
1 package of 20 gauge floral wire (I bought green wire and it doesn't show, so any color wire will do)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks

To make the individual flowers:
Fold the tulle in half matching bias to bias. Then, fold it in half again after that. I cut 5" strips of tulle and keep the existing folds in place. I accordion folded the tulle to approx. a 1" width. Then I twisted the floral wire around the center of my accordion fold. I then rounded the tops. Adhere each flower to the Styrofoam sphere as is stated in the referenced tutorial. I would like to note that the tulle doesn't fluff out as much as the tissue paper seems to fluff (I haven't made a tissue pom so I don't know for sure). Because of this, I think this project requires more flowers. Bridal tulle is a little more malleable, but it's twice as expensive.

The result:

What Bee DIY projects have you been inspired by?

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