Hair Trial...the Second Round

Last Friday I went to my hair and make-up trial, which I hope to post pictures of soon.  Though I loved the make-up, I didn't love the hair so much.  My stylist, Jeanie, did a wonderful job, but because my hair is thick and longish, the low updo she styled was a) large and stuck out more than the lovely do's on my inspiration photos and b) was heavy and made my head hurt.  Thus, tomorrow I will be going back to the salon where they have graciouly allowed me to take part in a second hair trial. 

I shyed away from trying a style that allowed most/ all of my hair to be down because I was concerned about the curls falling or my hair turning into a big fro from the inevitable Texas humidity (*hoping this won't be an issue at the end of October*).  However, I took the updo down within an hour of coming home last Friday and the curls remained intact for the remainder of the day and there will still reminants of them 24 hours later!  So tomorrow, I will be going back with more inspiration photos in hand to sit through round two of the hair trial.

I think I've decided to leave it all down, with a part on the side.  My veil will be worn during the ceremony, after which I would like to some type of headband:

Etsy seller:  Be Something New 
Etsy seller:  Little White Dresser 
Etsy seller:  Plume and Bloom
Myra Kim of Twigs and Honey
Etsy seller:  Velvet Owl
Etsy seller:  Tied and Feathered

Etsy seller:  Vintage Magpie

Etsy seller:  Bethany Lorelle
They are all so very gorgeous!  Though the last headband is beautiful, I think it may be a little to vintage for the look I'm going for.  On a side note, I just realized I also have a dress fitting tomorrow and it would have been logical to schedule the hair then the dress appointments so that I can see the look all put together (future brides, keep your other appointment schedules in mind!).
Tonight my homework is to hastely put something together based on the inspiration photos I've posted here so that I can take it to my hair tral tomorrow.  Wish me luck!  Any advice for making your own hair piece?

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