Hair & Make-up: Part 1

I'll warn you ahead of time, this post is filled with lots of pictures of moi.  Last Friday, I had my hair/make-up trial.  Even though I had plenty of time to prep for this, I went in uncertain of exactly what I wanted.  I showed Jeanie my inspiration pictures and after a few minutes of deliberating (and taking in to account factors such as the Texas humidity), I decided to go with an up-do.

Obligatory "before" picture sans make-up and hair style:

I washed my hair the night before the trial and learned that I should have washed it the morning before.  My hair was still too soft/ not oily enough, which required more hair spray.  After an hour and a half of Jeanie working her magic, I headed home to take some pictures of the result.
The back of my hair:

The right side is a little messier because after I looked at it when she had finished, I decided I didn't want the side areas coming out as much (I would have rather had them go back).  The problem I ran into is that I have so much hair, and it's thick, that this style didn't seem to look as good on me as it did in my inspiration photos.
The left (pretty) side: 

Looking at these pictures now, I like the soft look of it, but I still don't think it's the right hair style for me.
With the veil:

And now onto the make-up.  I didn't give Jeanie very much direction on the make-up portion of the trial, other than telling her that I don't wear much of it.  I hadn't found any inspiration pictures to bring her either, so I was a little nervous.  Luckily for me, Jeanie is so fabulous she came up with a look that I absolutely loved!!!
With the hair still up:

I ended up taking my hair down about 30 minutes after I came home because the back of my head started hurting, really bad.  I'm not sure if was because of the weight of my hair all in one spot or the pins or both, but for this reason alone, I would recommend that everyone get a trial before their actual day so they can be sure it's going to be comfortable.
Now, more make-up pics:

Closeup of the eyes, I love how they turned out:

7 hours later:

All the make-up is Aveda.  I wish I had a list of all the specific products she used, but at the moment I don't.  I'll try to get a list for anyone that is interested.  Everything except for the lip color stayed on for pretty much the whole day (I had my appointment at 10:30 and took my make-up off around 11).  I'm planning on picking up the lip products she used so I can reapply and avoid the dry lip look I'm sporting in the above pictures. :)  The only thing I'm going to ask her to do differently is go a little easy on the mascara.  I don't usually like wearing it and she was putting it on before I could say anything.  I'm hoping on the actual day of my wedding, I'll be able to forgo the mascara and just do a little lash curling.  Stay tuned for part 2 of my hair trial soon to come!

Do you have any advice for the hive, if you had a hair or make-up trial?  What is your favorite make-up product that you would recommend?

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