To Ring or Not to Ring...

I love my engagement ring and I'm really excited about adding a wedding ring to my finger to join it. Since the engagement, I've gotten pretty used to wearing my e-ring everyday. In fact, it even feels a little odd when I don't have it on. I don't think wearing a wedding ring with it is going to make of a difference (except when I start frequently stealing glances at my finger...as I did when I first got engaged :)).
Mr. Beagle, on the other hand, has never been one to wear jewelry. We are getting him a wedding ring, maybe more for symbolism than anything else. He will probably put it on when we have "date night" or go out as a couple. However, I'm not sure he'll end up wearing daily, as I will be wearing mine. Honestly, this really doesn't bother me. Although I can always remember my parents their wedding bands, Mr. Beagle has always remembered his parents not wearing bands. Perhaps this is why he may go sans wedding band a majority of the time. Does it make his parents less married then mine? No. The rings are merely a symbol of something much greater.
Will you be a dedicated ring wearer after you get married? Would you be disappointed if your partner was not?

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