Eco-Friendly Gift Bags

This past weekend I attended a bridal shower. Before heading to the festivities, I stopped by my favorite store to pick up some gift bags. I had your run of the mill, shiny, paper gift bags in my basket when I saw these:

Of course I ditched the other bags and promptly acquired these two cute, eco-friendly, reusable, hemp bags. They are so adorable that I think could also double a small handbag if you don't want to re-gift them. The other bonus? They were only twice as much as the paper gift bags.... worth the extra $1.50 in my opinion. I was so excited to find these, I knew I must share my find with the hive. (Oh, and that soy candle is from the same place as the bags, in case you're wondering. And, yes, it smells delicious!)

Are you incorporating any eco-friendly items into your planning? Please share!

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