Changing It Up

For our ceremony, I'll be wearing a finger-tip veil (that I'm almost done working on and will post about soon!) and some jewelry pieces that belonged to each of my grandmothers (for my something old and something borrowed). But after we finish getting hitched, I would like to relax my look a little before heading to our reception. Perhaps by adding a few of these pieces:

The Hair Flower (to replace the veil):
I found a few small, but elegant pieces from none other than the talented Myra Kim. I think I'm leaning toward the one on the left the most. I've never worn a hair flower though and I'm not sure how comfortable I'll be with one on my head for the entire night.

Myra Kim, Twigs and Honey

If I was as brave as Mrs. Perfume, I might wear this huge flower piece. But I'm not, so for now, I'll just admire from afar....


The Flower Necklace (to replace the old and borrowed):
I know I already posted on this before, and now that I have decided on a supplier, I just need to narrow down the right necklace. :) A few things to note: I don't want something that will distract too much from the dress and I really love the necklaces with the off center flowers.

This one is very simple, but not off centered. Has anyone done a custom order with Luxedeluxe?

These have a little more "bling" to them. The one on the left is a little too blingy for my taste, but I like the one on the right because it's a little simpler.

I like the flowers on both of these. They are similar (one in gold and one in silver). Here's the problem: the ceremony jewelry is gold, the dress has silver threading. Since I'm already pairing silver with gold for the ceremony, do I repeat for the reception? Will anyone even notice?

All necklaces are from Luxedeluxe

The Bolero/Shawl/Cardigan (because I'm self conscious):
My dress is strapless and really doesn't look right with straps attached. Don't get me wrong, I love my dress, but I don't feel comfortable in strapless tops, much less dresses. Even tank tops make me want to grab a cardigan. I think Ill be okay for the ceremony because my veil is longish, but I know I won't be able to feel at ease throughout the entire reception without one. Plus I'm hoping I'll get lucky and we'll have cool weather so I'll need a light cover-up. I've bought material and a pattern so that I can hopefully recreate one of these inspirations. Although if the sewing doesn't pan out, I think I'll be just as happy with a light colored, 3/4 length cardigan. The material I bought was dupioni silk (on sale!) and which is nice and simple so it shouldn't detract from the dress details, which if you don't remember, looks like this:

Are you changing your look after your ceremony? How will your "married" look be different?

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