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Lately I've started thinking of what types of music we would like to play during our reception. I've got our cocktail hour taken care of (and I promise to blog about it soon!), so now I just need to square away the dinner hour and the dancing that will follow. I recently became smitten with local Austin artist, Kat Edmonson (one possible factor might be that I hear her songs daily on KUT). Her new cd is just lovely. After hearing her songs, I envisioned our dinner with soft jazz playing in the background. This is a snippet from one of her recent performances in Austin:

The jazz theme has evolved into a folksy, "Austin" sound, but I would really like to include Kat in the mix. Now I'm considering Austin/Texas music playlist and I just need to come up with other local artists. This one will probably make the cut:

Iron & Wine, 'nough said.

Not necessarily a love song, but Carrie Rodriguez is awesome and who doesn't love the fiddle?

Here are a few of my concerns:

1. I will probably be the only one who is aware that the dinner music is all local. I have considered making a cute sign for the buffet table or each individual table that mentions this to bring it to our guests attention. Is the time and effort really worth it though? And does anyone else listen to music playing during dinner?

2. Is this range of music too broad? Do all the songs have to be mushy love songs?

3. I'm probably over analyzing this whole dinner & music business.

Are you playing music during your dinner hour? Will it be themed?
Oh, and if anyone has any other artist suggestions, I would love to hear them! :)

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