Over It

I can officially say that at this point in my planning process, I am over it. You're probably thinking: Whoa, Miss Beagle, what does that mean?

When Mr. Beagle and I became engaged (almost a year ago!) I had my heart set on a small, intimate wedding. In my mind, I envisioned something small- even a casual back yard shindig would have been fine, as long as I got to marry my mister in a cute, "weddingish" dress. However, when we started looking at the guest list I knew that keeping our party small and quaint was going to be impossible. Between the both of our families, we came up with around 100 people. As we added in our friends, and some of our parents' guests (I should note that these are people very close to both of our parents), our guest list ballooned to 200.

I wish I could easily "x" people off, but all our invited guests have been significant figures in our lives and I think they would be disappointed (and we would probably feel the same) if they weren't able to witness such a big event in our lives. The cut from "large" to "small" is a lot easier said than done. This, paired with the possibility that the two people who are most near and dear to me may not be able to be there with me on our wedding day, has left me feeling a little numb about our wedding.

Even though I may be over the size of our affair, I'm still planning to follow through with all the DIY projects (even if they are a little overwhelming) that I have planned. They keep my mind busy from dwelling on the negative; and, I'm hoping they will infuse, even if it is a small amount, originality in to our event and create the intimate atmosphere that I so desperately want. Plus I love crafting, sewing, and such- it is my outlet for dealing with stressful situations.

There's just a part of me that is just a little sad that we didn't follow through with a small wedding surrounded by just our immediate families at our side.

Why did you choose to have a big or a small wedding? Do you have any regrets?

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