Weekend Wedding Warriors: Part II

Continuing from Part I, the third task that I accomplished was finally finding a pair of wedding shoes. :) Well, actually I found two pairs and I finally narrowed it down to one pair.

I bought pair #1 online. Pair #1 had the round toe that I was desperately searching for and I really liked the vintage appeal they had. However, the gold color was a little too gold for the dress, which has silver threading. (My jewelry, at least for the ceremony will be gold. It will be my "something old" & "something borrowed", so I was thinking a light gold shoe might tie the jewelry in with the dress.)

I bought pair #2 when, by chance, I peeked into DSW while running errands and found them in the clearance section. Pair #2 was very comfortable and I loved the color, but they were a little plain.

So, I fixed them a la Princess Lasertron.
My inspiration:

from here, here, & here

My Wedding Shoes (yay!):

I'm really happy with the result: they are still simple enough, but the flowers add that "something" I was looking for and they will look cute in pictures! I may test out some smaller flowers too because I'm a little unsure about the size of those. Once I've decided, I'll either hot glue them on or make them into shoe clips (right now they are just taped on).

Any one else adding ornamentation to their shoes? What projects have you taken in to your own hands?

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