Weekend Wedding Warriors: Part I

Two weekends ago (I'm a week late on posting this :)), Mr. Beagle had off of work, so we were able to check some things off our wedding "to-do" list.

Task #1: Make a decision on tuxes. We reserved our date with the Men's Wearhouse & chose a jacket and vest style. Below, the vest is shown next to one of the bridemaid's dresses:

We are planning on pairing the vest with this purple tie:

I like the contrast against the light color vest. Even though it's not an exact match with the bridesmaid's dress, it's close enough in color and will be far enough away that the difference in shades won't be noticeable.

However, while I was running last minute errands for Mother's Day, I came across these from here & here:

I love #2 & #5 from the top pic (I think Mr. Beagle vetoed #1 & #3) & I'm smitten with both of the ties in the bottom pic. I think these patterned ties would go best with a non-patterened black vest because herringbone pattern might be too much. The only problem is that I wasn't able to find five ties that were exactly alike. So, if we were to go the black vest/ purple tie route, the guy's ties would probably not match. I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet, but since we will be able to make changes to our tux rentals until to 2 or 3 weeks before our date (and I have 90 days to return the ties), I have time to change my mind. :)

Task #2: Find wedding rings. This was not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. Our experience with picking out and buying an engagement ring was an exciting learning experience and we both had a lot of fun. This just felt like work. And the thought of spending more money for rings is kind of painful. Especially now, when we are knee deep in paying for other wedding related expenses. Also, has anyone else noticed that men's wedding rings seem more expensive than they should be? Mr. Beagle's wedding ring will be the first jewelry item he will continuously wear and he was really looking for something simple without diamonds. Just metal. Something similar to this:


Unfortunately, we weren't able to find anything in our price range during this shopping trip so we will be going ring shopping again soon. On a happier note, I think I found my wedding ring, and I will be sure to post pictures if/when we decide to purchase it.

How are you using your weekend to complete wedding "to-do's"?

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