Ooops, wrong "Doc":
Early on in our planning, I knew that I wanted to hire a day-of-coordinator (DOC). I didn't want a full blown wedding planner (I wanted us to have control of a majority of the "design" of our wedding), but someone to help run the show on our big day was a necessity. I began the search for our "DOC" last November, and only met with two possible candidates before I made a decision. The first company I met with was really disappointing. I won't call them out, but the woman who met with me seemed very disorganized (not a good quality for a planner!?!) and didn't have anything prepared (except for a pricing list) to show me. In addition, they were a bit out of my price range... so her lacking first impression turned out to be a blessing- it was easier for me to cross them off my list. :) I continued to search via google for wedding planners in the area, when I came across Pam, with Celebrations Wedding & Events Planning. We met over coffee and we clicked instantly. She brought tons of information explaining her services and came prepared with pictures of past events she's planned. I would have hired her on the spot, but I wanted to discuss it with Mr. Beagle first. Needless to say, I emailed her the next day, if not later that evening, to tell her we wanted to hire her.
This is by far the best decision we've made yet. She has helped us set planning deadlines, establish a day-of timeline, accompanied me to various rental appointments, has thought of all the tiny details I never would have considered, and has helped with coordination between all the vendors. It is so much easier to focus on my own wedding projects when the orgazation of our event is squared away. I think I would be lost and frazzled with out her help, and I can't thank her enough! I have no doubt that she will enable our day to run smoothly.
Are you hiring a wedding planner or coordinator? What's the best wedding decision (besides saying "yes" ;) ) that you've made?

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