Tux-ing Up

Although my heart melts for a guy wearing a suit, Mr. Beagle desired to wear a tux on our wedding day. We've gone to look at tuxes at a couple of different places, and have finally settled on the Men's Wearhouse for our tux supply. Mr. Beagle likes the look of a two-button coat similar to this:

Here is where my dilemma begins. Mr. Beagle will be wearing a white/ivory vest/tie combo, but I can't seem to make a decision on the GM's vests and ties. Here are the options:

1) Basic Black- Black Vest/Black Tie:

2) Black with a Twist- Black Vest/ Purple Tie (although the right, and by "right" I mean cheaper, purple tie might be hard to find):

you can find the ties here.

3) Go Dark- Purple Vest/ Purple Tie (my concern with the dark purple is if it doesn't match exactly, it might look odd):

4) Go Light- Light Vest/ Light Tie (My bouquet will tie in this color):

If you remember, the BM's dresses look like this:


What do you think?

**All images are from here, unless otherwise noted.

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