A Texas Menu

A majority of the weddings Mr. Beagle & I have attended throughout our lives have included a few primary elements, one of them being this: BBQ.


Actually a wedding is not the only excuse to serve bbq, we love "fixin' it" for pretty much any occasion that involves a large group of people (graduation? birthday? tailgate? yes, yes, and yes). We love this food staple. (Salt Lick anyone?) So, chosing to serve this option at our wedding was easy-peasy. Sure, we would love to eat prime rib or pecan crusted salmon on our wedding day, but 1) the majority of our guests will not be expecting that to be served and 2) honestly, they would probably enjoy it just as much as bbq (despite the steep differece in price). So far, we've organized a tentative buffet dinner menu with our caterer (Laura w/ Classic Catering & Events):

Fresh BLT salad, pinto beans, red potatoes, brisquet, sausage, and an assortmant of breads.

This menu varies slightly from most bbq meals I've seen (we've nixed the cole slaw and potato salad mainly because we're am not a big fan of either and not everyone likes them :)). Since it's buffet, we are also going with clear plastic dinnerware (gasp!). Yes, I know, but renting dishes would have been an extra ~4.00/person (~$800+) and frankly, for that amount of money, I'm not that concerned about how it will look while people are eating. On a positive note, we will be using "real" silverware because bbq + plasic knife & fork = breakage.

Does your dinner menu reflect your culture in any way? Anyone else using plastic china?

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