DIY Centerpieces- Part I

As I started formulating a vision for our wedding, I'll admit that one of the first things I started thinking about was decor for our reception venue. I wanted something that was
1. unique
2. could be used again if possible
3. I could put together myself
4. within my budget.
And so, I began my search for the perfect centerpieces. I knew that creating 20+ table centerpieces was not something I would be able to accomplish in the last week or two before our wedding. The solution? Non-floral centerpieces (at least not fresh floral centerpieces). And actually, I really wanted avoid incorporating any fresh flowers in the entire wedding. Gasp! No fresh flowers? Yes, you heard me :) I wasn't against potted plants or flowers, I just thought (and still think) its such a waste to purchase fresh flowers that will just die in a few days. For a while, I was obsessed with the likes of this:

A variety of succullents clustered together to make eye-candy such as shown below. I love the color combination that the result produces.


Bright white vintage vases add contrast to these succullents:


How cute do these look dressed up in gold goblets?


A romantic/bohemian look is created with a variety of vine-like branches mixed with succullent flowers in an earthy pots and accented with river stones:


Succullents are fairly easy to keep alive, so you wouldn't neccessarily need a green thumb if you really loved this look and wanted to diy it. I think all of these centerpieces would also be semi-easy to recreate (with maybe an exception to example #1).. and wouldn't it be fun to thrift some cute containers to pot them in? While I still love the idea of incorporating succulents as centerpieces, I continued to search for a centerpiece that would better compliment our venue and wedding theme(stories soon to come!) . Stay tuned for part II in my search for diy-fresh floral alternatives. Are you using potted plants as your decor?

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