I didn't know what an STD was before I started planning a wedding. In fact, X received a minor scare when I saved a file called "STD #1" on his computer (oops, maybe I should have called it something else). In the beginning, I wasn't going to make STDs. I thought they were a waste of time and money, but the more I perused the web, the more I began to see the necessity for them. It makes sense to notify your family and friends of such an important event. With all the time and effort that is put towards such an event, I wanted to make sure our family and friends would not miss out. I decided to create them myself, so I went to this crafting mecca and searched for my supplies. I ended up getting the paper for half off on sale... yea!

I created a 5" x 5" page template in Microsoft, and created several trial layouts with different font styles, wording, and color. I trimmed the 12" x 12" ivory paper to 5" x 10" strips and started printing:

I trimmed each 5" x 10" strip to a 5"x5" square and used a corner punch to create a design on each corner:

I then cut the purple cardstock into 5 3/4" squares and pasted the ivory cardstock on top of the purple squares with glue strips, centering them with a ruler. I had originally planned to include magnets with an engagement photo and our website, but since we didn't end up taking engagement pics late March and I haven't received images yet... it's not going to happen. I had tossed around the idea of making the stds magnets (by attaching magnet on the back of purple cardstock), but by the time I finally got the list of addresses I needed, I was kind of over this project and ready to move on to something new.
Since I didn't, are you making magnet stds?

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