Adding Colour

The criteria for color was 1) earth tones 2) fallish. Now I know most people think reds and oranges, but I interpreted that to mean cool colors in the dark spectrum:

And I now present, the colour palette: (Yes, that's colour not color)

This website is very entertaining. What a wonderful way to compare how colors will look against one another. I originally wanted to incorporate more browns into the palette, but as I started working on my list of wedding projects, the brown was looking more and more bland. I had thought about incorporating greens into the palette, but I really love the way the purples and blues blend together. Another great place to find color inspiration is your local fabric store. I frequent this one almost once a week (I love fabric and have a rapidly growing stash of it). My first stop was the ribbon aisle. I fell in love with the purple and blue ribbon (shown in the below photos). After I found the perfect ribbon, I took the spools over to the fabric section to find complimentary colors. I purchased fabric in varying shades and textures of blues, purple, brown, and ivory. Even if you don't need to purchase any fabric, it's great to get a visual of how colors will look against one another. What will I be using the fabric and ribbon for? Thats a secret :). Here are some photos of the colors in action:

What inspired your color scheme?

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