Finding *the* Venue- Part II

If you remember from part I of the venue search, we had looked at an old house and a gem hidden in the hill country. Then, I stumbled upon this:

Mercury Hall. You may recognize it from this fabulous wedding:

which was featured here and made possible by this wonderful photog.

Mercury Hall was an old church that was moved to its current location and restored to its original state. Wood floors, stained glass window and antique chandelier light fixtures accent the interior of the hall; while large oak trees and a spacious lawn decorate the outside of the hall. This was the perfect combination of indoor/outdoor atmosphere to satisfy my hearts desires! (For a while, I dreamed of white Christmas lights twinkling in the trees while guests mingled with cocktails on the lawn.) In addition, the hall provides chairs and tables that can be rented at a reasonable price. But this is not our venue. Why? Well, it would have be necessary to use the outdoor and indoor spaces for our guests. That would involve backup plans in case of rain or cold weather- which would have meant tent and possibly heater rentals = expenses we did not have in our budget :( (and planning for this is a must in Texas where weather is completely unpredictable.

So what is our venue you ask? Well, it's the next best thing of course :) A new hall had just opened around the time we started our venue search. (In fact I think I came across it on page 10 of a google search one day). Enter *the* venue: Waterford House:

The instant I walked in, I knew. It's South Austin! It has a reception area with enough room to seat all our guests and leave room for a dance floor! The floors are stained concrete (and not ugly carpet)! Banquet chairs, tables, and white linens are included in the rental! There is a walkway around the outside of the hall that overlooks a green belt! I'm in love and I can't wait to attend our wedding reception. Was there love at first site with your venue?

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