The Week-After-Moon: I Don't Know Where to Begin

I think my ideal honeymoon would involve a three week European tour filled with a combination of exploration and relaxation. This, however, is not possible for us at the moment *makes a sad face*. We have neither the available time off, nor the funds.

Despite foregoing our dream trip, I really want to take a smallish vacation after our wedding because 1) we haven't been on vacation in over a year and 2) after all the events of this year and the stress of the wedding, we need one.

I guess we would be open to a trip to Mexico, but I've been there, done that, and it's kind of scary over there right now anyways. So now, I'm trying to come up with some possible locations in the US (or close vicinity) to throw into the suggestion pot (Mr. Beagle is coming up with his own possible travel locations... you could say I'm just cheating by asking for your help :) ).

So here's what we have in mind: It will take place at the end of October/beginning of November. We will probably only have a few days to a week available, so we would like to spend as little time traveling as possible. We're not interested in Vegas and skiing might not be a good idea either (me = klutzy). We're open to cold or hot weather locations, but please bare in mind that we're from Texas....the coldest it gets here is maybe 30 deg. F, for like one day. We would like something that includes relaxation and sightseeing so that we can do either if we choose. Oh, and we would like to get out of Texas.

Where did/will you go on your honeymoon? Where would you suggest we go?

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