The Other Ring

I'm not talking about my wedding ring, nor am I talking about Mr. Beagle's ring (both of which I will blog about soon!). And no, I have never been engaged or married before.

I'm talking about the other ring... my stunt double ring if you will.

Let me explain. My engagement ring and wedding ring are more or less a set. Even though they weren't sold as a set, they match nicely and look great together. The problem I have is that, although I love them, there are certain places and situations where I don't want to where them. As beautiful as they are, I would hate to hurt them, or worse, endanger their lives. While I work in an office most days, there are times when I am required to be "in the field." The "field" is not a place where I want my precious jewelry going, so I decided to invest in another ring.

Now, I know it may sound ridiculous and even frivolous to have three rings, but I am certain they will equally get the love and attention they deserve. I suppose that I could just remove my rings when I know I'll be in situations where my hands might get dirty. However, I am horrible with losing things and I'm scared that continually taking my rings off might lead to that. I have also gotten so used to wearing my engagement ring over the past year (which is really weird because I never wore rings at all before our engagement), that I feel really odd when I don't have it on. If I'm missing it, I often look at my left hand and freak out for a second until I remember not putting it on.

So, for all the above reasons, I purchased this:

It's a 2mm, white gold band and it was a relatively inexpensive (like under $50) purchase. It fits all my requirements: simple, cheap, comfortable, and it won't get in the way of doing things. I love it! And as an added bonus, it sentimentally reminds me of the rings my grandmothers wear/wore.

Am I the only crazy person that bought a ring specifically for work?

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