An Autumn Affair: Unification

In lieu of the traditional unity candle, we decided incorporate a Hispanic unity ceremony.  My MIL read a brief explanation, while our Padrino/as performed each part of the ceremony.

The Lasso.

The Arras.  Mr. Beagle was handed a box containing the arras and he then removed them and handed them to me.  We used the same lasso and arras that were used at my in-laws' wedding.

 The Biblia.  Mr. Beagle's aunt gifted us a really beautiful Bible.

We were both really happy that we were able to include this tradition in our ceremony.  Since our ceremony was Lutheran (my religious upbringing), I felt that it was really important to incorporate something that also honored Mr. Beagle's upbringing.

After our unity ceremony, the Bible and Arras were retrieved and the Lasso was removed.  We (very slowly) got up from the kneeler that the church provided.  A short prayer was said.

 A kiss sealed the deal.

And we were officially Mr. & Mrs. Beagle.

With one more walk down the aisle.

It was time for our guests to make their way over to the reception, while we took some quick family pictures.

* ALCollective are the ladies in charge of the cameras.


  • We rehearsed.
  • My hair was done, my face got painted, and I arrived at the church.
  • The guys got pinned and had their picture taken.
  • I transformed into a bride.
  • Our ceremony procession began and I found my dad.
  • I walked down the aisle and Mr. Beagle finally saw my dress.
  • We listened to some readings and a message.
  • He did, I did, we did.

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