An Autumn Affair: The Guys

While I spent my morning tying up loose ends and getting myself pretty, Mr. Beagle's morning was far more slow paced.  He enjoyed a late breakfast with his brother, hung out with his groomsmen, and finally put his suit on and headed over to the church.

He may look calm here, but later that evening, Mr. Beagle confessed that he was just as nervous as I was.  (Or maybe he was just saying that to make me feel better about it :P)

After lounging around upstairs, they made their way downstairs to the church narthex to get their bouts pinned.

Speaking of bouts, I never really blogged about them, but here they are:

I made them from left over items used from our centerpieces, dried lavender, tallow berries, and hydrangea (that I purchased at the very beginning of planning, thinking they would become bouquets), skeleton leaves and ribbon.  The lavender is actually french lavender which holds up much, much better and doesn't break apart as easily.

They made their way outside to pass more time, take some pictures.

The groomsmen + groom.

Groomsmen, groom + ushers.

* all the pretty pictures are brought to you by Laura + Ashley of ALCollective

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