An Autumn Affair: Down the Aisle

Thankfully (for me), the walk down the aisle was very, very short.

Pam gave my dress one last fluff to make sure the train was lying perfectly.

Funny story.  Pam had given me a tic-tac about ten minutes before I got to this point.   I was trying to calm my n, so I took a really deep breath.  The photo below shows me almost choking on the tic-tac.  

There were so many thoughts running racing through my head right as we started to walk down the aisle.  Remember to look at everyone.  Remember to hold the bouquet low.  Remember to smile.  Remember to breath.  Remember to walk slow.  Remember to look at the groom.  It was more overwhelming than I anticipated.

The very beginnings of an ugly cry face.  

A few seconds later (after the realization that lots of people were watching this and that many cameras were capturing it), I remembered to smile.  (and I think my dad is winking, presumably at Mr. Beagle :D ).

The waiting groom.

We made it!

Pastor:  "Who presents Ms. Beagle to Mr. Beagle?"
Papa Beagle:  "I do, on behalf of her mother and I."

And our ceremony began.

*ALCollective captured all our wedding day moments.

Can't get enough?
  • My hair was done, my face got painted, and I arrived at the church.
  • The guys got pinned and had their picture taken.
  • I transformed into a bride.
  • Our ceremony procession began and I found my dad.

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