Last Minute Project: Wedding Party Gifts

First up: The Guys

I had absolutely no idea what Mr. Beagle’s groomsmen would like as gifts, so I let him take full control of the reigns on this task. He started and ended his search online, getting all that he needed from this site. For the groomsmen, Papa Beagle, and FIL Beagle, he decided to get very large beer mugs, personalized with their initials:

The ushers got flasks, personalized with their initials:

For the Girls:

I gave each of my bridesmaids a grey wrap, to keep them warm in case it was cool later in the evening. The color looked great with their purple dresses and I think it's neutral enough for them to wear again:

I also decided to get them a piece of jewelry to wear, if they chose, on the big day. I was debating between earrings or a necklace and finally decided on a necklace. I purchased them all from Jeweled Blossoms (I purchased items from her shop prior to the wedding, so I knew her products were great). Again, I tried to choose an item that would both work with their dresses and would be something they could wear again.

Coincidentally, they were each packaged in purple boxes... appropriate, no?

Finally, I intended to make each bridesmaid a clutch to hold all their necessities, but I ran out of time and only completed two :( So, my MOH ended up receiving one, while I used the other. They were fairly simple to make; however, because this was a last minute project, I didn't take any pictures of the DIY process- a tutorial will have to come later. The (removable) flower was graciously sent to me by Mrs. Margarita :)

Our peeps received their gifts at our rehersal dinner, the night before the wedding and I think they were all well liked! 

What are you getting your bridesmaids/groomsmen? 

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