Beagles at the Beach: Part IV

After our excursions to Cabo San Lucas and Santa Maria, we spent the next few days exploring the city closest to where we were staying:  San Jose del Cabo.  In this small town, resides a beautiful mission, which is the foundation of the city.


This is a close up of the tiled detail above the church entrance:


The alter:


In Hispanic Catholic culture, the Virgin Mary is a very important figure.  This is a shrine dedicated to her:


The town plaza is also an important part of the history of San Jose del Cabo. While we were there, local towns people were holding political rallies for an upcoming election.




The architecture around the San Jose was beautiful.  Walls were painted in bright colors, metal and wooden doors everywhere, and nooks and crannies filled with small shops.  (This town reminded me so much of Santa Fe, NM).

    IMG_3296 IMG_3298IMG_3323

Bougainvilleas were blooming everywhere, so pretty.


We came across some very large Catrinas (on stilts) wandering around the square.  They appeared to be looking for tips, so we admired them from afar.


One evening, we decided to have dinner in the city. We chose this place- La Panga:  (One of the many advantages to traveling with someone who is bilingual is that you can find out all the best places to eat from the locals :D)



While Mr. Beagle really only cares about the quality of food at a restaurant, I have to admit, ambience plays a big role in my dining experiences.  La Panga had the best romantic atmosphere with twinkle lights every where and secluded tables.  Love, love, love.


And to meet Mr. Beagle’s requirement, the food was pretty wonderful too!  I dined on salmon atop mashed potatoes, covered in a very yummy cilantro sauce,  and grilled veggies.


Mr. Beagle was kind enough to wait to dig into his food so I could take this picture :)  He had a traditional Mexican dish:  Chicken Mole with rice & plantains.


The waiter found out we were on our honeymoon and kindly brought us this beautiful dessert.  It reads Felicidades! (Congratulations!) and portrays two boats meeting.  It was almost too pretty to eat, almost.


Two happy Beagles after our tummies were filled with the delicious food.


Before we left our relaxing vacation, we took a few more walks on the beach. 
We admired the rocky beaches and the sandy ones.



We took in one last sunset.



And before we boarded our plane to leave, I snuck one last picture of the mountains looming in the distance.


When we finally arrived back in Austin, we were very well rested and relaxed.  It was the perfect honeymoon for the both of us (and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to lounge around for a week).  We also came home to a very, very nice surprise….. Our wedding pictures!  Stay tuned for Beagle recaps to commence very, very soon!

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