Last Minute Project: Finding My Scent

Three days before the wedding, I realized I still did not have a perfume to wear on our wedding day.  I think it was one of those items on my checklist that I kept putting off because I thought it wouldn't take long (yeah, right).  So, three days before the wedding, I treked over to my nearest Ulta in hopes of finding the perfect scent.  Something that would knock Mr. Beagle's socks off, in a good way :) 

I usually wear this perfume (which is unfortunately no longer in production) on a daily basis:

I was looking for something similar (light, airy), but different (memorable).  Also, the packaging had to be cute just in case there were any pictures taken of the perfume bottle (um, yes, I hate to admit this was my thought process in the days before the wedding).  Looking back, I really wish I would have taken someone with me, as it may have helped speed up the process.  I would not recommend putting this off to the last minute- it was a very stressful experience and I felt like I was wasting time because there were other, more pressing, matters on my "to-do"list.  Had I started my search earlier, I could have also ordered the perfume online, which I am now finding to be significantly cheaper....

Anyways, after spending nearly two hours in Ulta, thuroughly regretting my decision to not go to Nordstrom, and getting some strange looks from the sales staff, I finally found my wedding scent:

I love the scent- it's a little stronger than my everyday perfume, but it smells wonderful and the bottle is so beautiful.  Plus, I still wear it after the wedding, which proves my search was not a complete waste of time and money!  For those of you still looking, I stumbled across Sephora's Fragrance Finder website a while back via Mrs. Jasmine.  It's a great tool for recommending fragrances you might like based on your favorite scents.

Are you wearing a "special" perfume on your wedding day?  How did you decide what scent to wear?

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