We've Come a Long Way

It took nearly 7 years to get here, but we're here.  We've gone from this:

(taken around the time we transitioned from "just friends" to officially dating)

To this:

Happy Month-a-versary Mr. Beagle!!!!!
Although the last month has gone by entirely to quickly for us, we have enjoyed every second of it.  Since this is our first official anniversary, we celebrated with a nice dinner out at one of our favorite eateries and good conversation.  I look forward to celebrating each month until we reach one year and then we'll probably cut our celebrating down to a yearly event (or maybe not, we'll have to see!)

Will you be celebrating your anniversary monthly or yearly?

*Thank you to Ashley with Studio 563 for her ah-mazing photography!
**And in other news, we've received our wedding pictures!!! So stay tuned, there is more to come!

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