Beagles at the Beach: Part I

Since I'm still sorting through and organizing our wedding pics (!!!), I decided to start recaps our honeymoon in the mean time.

We had originally considered postponing our honeymoon to sometime in 2010, but I am so glad we decided to go soon after the wedding (we left the following week).  We were in dire need of some rest and relaxation and it was nice to take a break from "real life", even if it was just for a week.

If you remember (or if you don't), Mr. Beagle's parents graciously gifted us the use of their timeshare in San Jose del Cabo (about 30 mins. away from Cabo San Lucas).  We left Austin on the Saturday after our wedding a.k.a. Halloween.  Arriving at the airport in San Jose del Cabo was very overwhelming for me.  As soon as we left the customs area, we were I was immediately bombarded by Timeshare salesmen trying to coax us into stopping to talk to them.  I assume this because they target Americans/non Spanish speakers/women... so after several confusing moments where I thought they were persons we needed to meet, I latched on to Mr. Beagle's arm and we walked quickly to the airport exit.  We were aware that salesmen were aggressive in the airport, but I had no idea they would be so pushy and persuasive!  Fortunately this was the only location where we encountered this behavior and once we exited the airport, it was relatively easy to find our prearranged transportation to our hotel.

I didn't take many pictures of our hotel/condo, but here's a shot I snagged from their website:

After we arrived to our temporary home, we settled in, ate some food at the onsite restauraunt, and crashed.  We were so exhausted from a day of traveling and time changes.

The next day we woke up bright and early to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  We found out they serve a buffet every Sunday morning, which was soooo good.

We nommed on pancakes, fried potatos, migas, and beans.  The green mixture in the above picture tasted similar to enchiladas without meat.  They also served a variety of cereal and breads for those not wanting a buffet of Mexican food.  Mr. Beagle ate their menudo, which I decided to pass on.  The coffee in Mexico is made with cinnimon and is very sweet- Mr. Beagle enjoyed his, and I (who normally drinks coffee as black as can be) did not.  They also had a variety of agua frescas.  We tried the papaya which was not very good (or must be an acquired taste), but the orange was so delicious. 

After we could not stuff any more food in our faces eat any more, we spent the rest our Sunday relaxing at the pool (uh, happy hour starting at 2 anyone?), exploring the hotel and beach area, and researching some possible activities that were available.

Although we weren't able to swim in the beach by our hotel because of strong rip tides, it provided us with a gorgeous view.  The beach was not really a smooth sandy, beach, but it felt more like tiny bits of rocks. Walking barefoot is not recommended. :)

...Stay tuned for part II where we venture into Cabo San Lucas.

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