It's Lovely to Bee Here

Hello everyone! It's Miss Beagle here, stepping up to the plate. (Oh my, I can't believe I'm actually here!) Let me start by saying that I am so exited to have this wonderful opportunity to blog for Weddingbee! I hope that I will be able to provide you with as much inspiration as I have found over the last several months from obsessively stalking this website :)

Now, getting down to business, let me tell you a little about myself and Mr. Beagle. We had been dating for almost 5 years when we got engaged last summer. We are both natives to Texas, and have called Austin our home for all of our lives... what can I say, we love it here! We share a love for coffee, NPR, good food, live music, and family. We are in the midst of planning a fall wedding (in Austin, of course!) for our 200+ guests on a budget, infused with details and lots of DIY.

The Beagles, circa Engagement Day '08

So I guess your next question for me is why did I choose the beagle? (You mean aside from the incredibly cute icon?) Do I have a beagle? Well, no, not exactly, but our dog does get mistaken for one quite often:

Our Beagle Impostor
(aka Kingsley the Basset Hound)

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