An Autumn Affair in Austin: Rehearsal Time!

Why hello there all, and long time no see!  Maybe some of you might remember me, but if you don’t, I got married nine months ago (gosh, has it been that long?!) and now you’ll get to hear (and see) all about it :)

The day before the big day, I woke up exhausted.  I spent most of the week running errands and finishing up last minute projects and I really could have used a long nap or vacation.  Instead, I ran more errands with Mr. Beagle that included picking up our linen rentals, the groomsmen’s tuxes, maybe eating lunch and probably getting coffee.  When we finally arrived home, I quickly finished up my projects left over from the previous night and gathered up all our wedding crap decorations to drop off with Pam, our wonderful DOC (seriously, this woman was the. best.).  Soon after, our out of town bridesmaid and groomsman arrived at our house which meant 1)I was running behind schedule, again 2) it was almost time for the fun to begin!
We double and triple checked all our goods to make sure we had everything (marriage certificate? Check!) and then headed over to the church.


After a few quick introductions of everyone, we got to work.  This pretty much describes how I felt from this point on:

17(If you look closely, you’ll spot one of my tulle pomanders hanging in the background).


The women of my church create felt banners for important events- baptisms, marriages, funerals.  The banner, shown below, was the first thing I saw when we arrived at the church.  It was at that moment when I thought, “wow, this is really happening, EEEEEEEE!”.  The two ladies who helped me organize the church ceremony were so excited about the banner because the lettering for our names was done in purple felt, to match our wedding colors :D

23(I’m standing in front of it, but the banner states “We are one in the Lord”)

Finally, after an hour and a half of rehearsing, it was time for our rehearsal dinner!  Mr. Beagle and I hold a special place in our hearts for Opal Divine’s.  We eat there at least a couple of times a month because their food and beer selection is so good!  So, we always knew it’s where we wanted our loved ones to gather on the night before our wedding.   We decided to serve a fajitas buffet and I cannot emphasize how good the food was, mmm nooommm noommm.  They even served cheesecake for dessert, which was perfect because dessert was something that completely slipped my mind.  Unfortunately, no one took pictures of the food (insert sad face), so you’ll have to imagine what the spread looked like.  

25 28

It went by entirely too fast. 

After the rehearsal dinner, Mr. Beagle and I said our goodbyes to one another, knowing that the next day would bring more feelings of excitement and joy.  Up next, the Wedding Day!

*all photos by our groomsman, Nathan.

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